Saturday, 24 May 2014

Cofresh Creamy Dill Chips

Creamy Dill Hummus ChipsWho doesn't like a bag of naughty crisps every now and then? But
that's the thing; they often make you feel naughty afterwards for indulging in an impure glut of prepackaged guilt.  Not so much with one of our favourite snack treats at the moment as Cofresh's Creamy Dill flavoured Hummus Chips have an ingredients list that doesn't require reference to the periodic table and have 30% less fat than regular potato chips.  That means we can eat 30% more right? They are also delicious and very much on the moreish side of the snack scale.
Cofresh Creamy Dill Lentil Chips 113g
British company Cofresh make these Hummus Chips from chick peas and they have a range of other snacks made from equally tasty alternatives and flavours, our other firm favourite being their Creamy Dill Lentil Chips.  At the moment we only seem to be able to find them in a limited amount of health food stores so keep an eye out for these tasty, not so naughty snacks and check out their whole range on their website.

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