Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I Blame The Bananas

The sun was shining and I was feeling the stir of repeating the ten mile running route I had undertaken a couple of weeks back.  It was about time I put in another longer run.  All the way on the drive home from work I was thinking about this but I got home and found the bananas and that was that. Before you think I have gone bananas; let me explain.

I'm not one to waste food and these three overripe bananas were sat there on the kitchen table calling out to be used.  My favourite way of using up overripe bananas is in a Banana, Nut and Carob Cake (this time we used walnuts as that is what we had).  It doesn't take five minutes to get the mixture for this cake ready to put in the oven but it takes a while to cook it. Not enough time for me to commit to a big run but too long for me to be bothered to want to do it after a big run later tonight.

Then there was dinner.  Phil had ideas of a pasta dish and said he would cook it once he had gone for a quick surf (he wanted to catch high tide) but once the idea of having the oven on for a cake came up, the idea of the pasta dish being a roasted Mediterranean vegetable one sneaked in.  This could clearly be cooking whilst he was surfing. Yet another excuse, I mean reason, for me to have to stick around and not take off for a couple of hours of running. Clearly.

Okay, I admit, I was making excuses and I had even more lined up beyond just having to babysit the oven.  I hadn't actually eaten a whole lot during the day and was feeling a little weak and feeble anyway.  In my defence, I blasted out a 6K run in half my lunch break yesterday, am going to a lunchtime spinning class tomorrow, a lunchtime yoga class on Thursday and intend to fit in at least a 5K again lunchtime on Friday.  Not bad for an 'old girl' I told myself, making further unconvincing excuses to nobody else but me.  

With the cake and the veg cooking away in the oven I still felt a hint of self nagging.  Damn it. There was nothing for it, I had to at least have a little run to shut myself up.  So I donned my running shoes and my watch and took off down to the end of the headland to take a peek at the sea.  It is a mere 3/4 of a mile each way but at least the oven wouldn't notice my few minutes of absence.  

It felt good.  Granted it probably didn't feel as good as a few more miles and a few less excuses would have felt but at least I did it.  In the meantime, seriously, I blame the bananas.  They started it.

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