Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Why Vegan?

On the eve of our first year of the Driftwood Vegans blog I felt it appropriate to explore and explain the reasons why Phil and I are both vegan.  It is after all a question that over the past 26 years we have both been asked on numerous occasions and a reason that we found and love each other as soul mates.
The simple and truthful answer after all these years is that it just feels right; it is what is natural to us, we just are.  Some people find that hard to accept at times so then I play the closest thing I know of to fend off their confusion which is to tell them it is my religion.  That normally stops them in their tracks.  It isn't a lie as after all, it is our belief.
It's a curious thing though because there are so many totally solid ' real world' arguments which led us into veganism and kept us there yet the only one that seems to stop the defensive arguments of non-vegans is to hold up the 'religion' card.  Religion on the most part is based on mythical belief and unproven faith so I find this concept intriguing, whereas veganism is based on hard science and personal experience. 
Go figure!
For some real world reasons for going vegan we found this recently (and being that it was 11 reasons for going vegan instead of just 10 that appealed to us due to a recent post we did).
Really though, you either get it or you don't.  That's the most simple and honest answer.

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