Saturday, 12 October 2013

Devil's Rib Chilli Pepper Firewater

Please excuse the unfocused photo but I really had problems even thinking after sampling this firewater
Take note - these are Devil's Rib chilli peppers.  Look at the water they have sat in for about 2 minutes.  Evil I tell you;  pink watery soup of evil.  I stuck my little pinkie in for brief second and licked it and it practically blew my head off.  Phil didn't believe me, much to the amusing dismay that followed after he attempted the same.  Good job we had wine at hand to help us recover.
These Devil's rib chillies had been prepared to put in Phil's next reincarnation of chilli sauce along with some Orange Habanero chillies.  After this episode however he quite wisely decided against their inclusion on this particular occasion. 
Well, what to do with them?  Despite their fiery nature some of our stock of these had started to go off so we have to come up with a plan soon in how to use them.  That is yet to be decided but I do have an idea for the resulting soaking water - insecticide?  Not very vegan though eh?

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