Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Love for the Hoopoe

We love Hoopoe; that is the bird and the wine. 
The bird is a wonderfully colourful character that we see on the campsite we frequent in Southern Portugal.  He makes a game out of avoiding my camera lens but this year I did finally manage to capture him (see photo below). 
The wine (the red ones anyway) are tasty and full bodied and I could be terribly pretentious and carry on giving various wine related adjectives for them, but basically they taste bloody good.  Not so set on the whites but then we are full bodied red wine loving vegans so just that way inclined.
We don't find it that often (Bristol and Totnes) but when we do we splash out a little.  It is apparently an own-label range by Vintage Roots (according to various press releases) but we failed to find it on the Vintage Roots website which was a little confusing.
I do have an air of mischief about me though
Basically what we are trying to say is it is worth looking out for.  It's organic (obviously), it's vegan (again obviously otherwise we wouldn't be recommending it), it's tasty (obviously but then again, you are entitled to your own opinion) and it has an air of mischief about it just like the real bird (but that obviously could be just the wine speaking!).

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  1. Here is a lovely reply from Lance at Vintage Roots re the availability of Hoopoe wines -

    HI Scooby
    Many thanks for this link ..and your Blog on our Hoopoe wines
    I am very glad that you enjoyed the reds ... but I am biased , and do agree with you that they make for very pleasant drinking.

    we have resisted putting these wines on our site ..as we have made then available for the 'Trade' only...whether this be a store or a restaurant most of our sales go through to the trade up and down the country

    we have more customers for these wines if they are not on the site
    Price comparison is rife in the Trade..and if we end up selling them cheaper 'on line' (which can happen, as we can’t tell stores what price they should sell these wines for !) ...many Trade clients will stop buying the wines

    the wines can be available from us directly , if you were to ask for them either by phone or email
    They are priced at 7.99 + Delivery of 6.95 per case of 6 or 12..(mixed)
    > maybe we will add them to our site next year, once Trade sales are more established !

    all the best
    Lance Pigott
    0118 932 6566