Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Natural Heroes

Sometimes, just sometimes, all the worlds align at the perfect time.  Yesterday was a wonderful example. 
Picture this; it is Monday evening and I was wondering how I had managed to survive the day at work, my calf muscles were being particularly difficult after my Monday lunchtime 5K run and all I had to look forward to was mine and Phil's random question answering competition during this week's edition of 'University Challenge' (what the hell are some of those questions about anyway?). 
I was getting changed into my comfy evening ware, contemplating all this, when there was a knock on the door.  Phil answered the door to find Lynne, our neighbour from across the way.  She had taken a parcel for us from the postie today (part of the delight of living in a small village is that the postman will pretty much leave a parcel with anyone and everyone to deliver later!).  It was a mysterious parcel for me.  I wasn't expecting anything.  I stopped short of massaging my magnesium spray onto my tired old calf muscles to go and investigate.  Imagine my wonder and delight to discover a parcel of goodies from Natural Hero which I had won from entering a Viva! competition. 
So there I was stood with throbbing muscles with a pack of wonderful vegan products with words like 'recharge tired muscles'  and 'super powered recovery'.  What is not to like about this situation?  Without further ado this required immediate and further investigation and the 'Hot Ginger Muscle Rub' was employed post haste and forthwith to said naughty muscles.  Whether it was the vigorous rubbing, the product itself or a combination I simply didn't care; it bloody worked.  I had tried vigorous rubbing and other products on various other occasions to no avail so things were looking up for my new best friend and Natural Hero!
It is a lunchtime spinning class tomorrow and another 5K on Friday lunchtime so further investigation into the enclosed 'Cool Peppermint Muscle Spray' and the 'Hot Ginger Muscle Soak' were sure to follow later in the week!
running woman
Thank you Natural Hero and Viva!.  What a surprise and delight.....and what timing!


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