Sunday, 20 April 2014

Roast, Fire, Wine, Sorted

So the first half of the Easter weekend was spring-like and a great chance to start the veg growing activities but what happened today? Still I guess the rain is good for all those seeds we have just planted.

Now we have reverted back to chilly rain it is time to get a good old roast going.  I raided the store cupboard and only found pecans and peanuts for the nut loaf but with a bit of bulgar wheat, homemade breadcrumbs and a random selection of herbs, mustard, tomato puree and other stuff that, two glasses of wine later, I can no longer remember, somehow we have a loaf of the nut variety to savour with our roast spuddies, parsnip and carrots.  A bit of brocs on the side and we are rocking with the gravy.

What roast would be complete without a roaring open fire and a bottle of vino tinto?  Luckily the store cupboard still revealed wine from our Portuguese trip, in this case a fine Monte Da Casteleja from the Algarve.  It is unfiltered so a fine example of a tasty vegan wine. 

Sorted.  Spring can wait till tomorrow now.

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