Sunday, 20 April 2014

Climbing Badgers


Spring has most definitely sprung in badger world and therefore the general nightly peanut hunting and naughty mayhem has returned with a vengeance to our front garden.  

Despite their best efforts, my new bird feeding pole has managed so far to reasonably prevent the nightly bandit raids of the badgers and ensure there are supplies left for the birds in the morning.  The peanut feeders, placed supposedly out of the reach in the nearby tree, have fared less well.  It seems badgers have climbing among their range of mischief making skill set.

So after our reasonably generous offering of peanuts is hoovered up from the floor, a whole new game of peanut hunting begins.  Badger Cat once more makes an appearance as he watches on at, in his opinion, the far from agile attempts to climb trees.


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