Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fresh Vegan

Spring 2014 issue free to read on Issuu
A friend of mine bumped into the creators of Fresh Vegan, a new on line vegan food magazine, whilst in Wildebeest vegan cafe in Falmouth.  It seems they are based right here in Cornwall! 

When my friend told me about them, I just had to check it out and I have to say, it looks really interesting; so much so I have just bought the Spring edition on-line this evening.

The Spring 2014 edition is packed full of interviews, features, articles and great recipes and that is just from a quick flick through so far.  

I very much look forward to sitting down and absorbing it fully from page to page.  Although I am very much a real paper reading girl (not having fully embraced the digital book and magazine era yet) I appreciate the environmental reasons for keeping it just on-line at present.  It's about time I 'got with the times' anyway!

So please take a look (you can view a sample of the Spring edition on their web page), support these guys and more importantly give it a go!  It's not just about supporting our fellow vegans for the sake of it;  it seems like it's choc full of good value vegan wisdom and goodies too.

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