Monday, 31 March 2014

Portuguese Seitanism

This is surely an act of seitan?  Today we found a big block of marinated seitan in a Lagos health food store for 1.30 Euros.  What a bargain!

It amazes us how much quality tofu and seitan products you can find in Portugal, even in the supermarkets.

Why can't British supermarkets stock such items? Apart from the standard block of tofu or the odd packet of marinated tofu, you can find nothing in our supermarkets.  Even in our health food stores you can only get seitan in jars here and there and you pay a much higher price for such products.

Trust Portugal, a nation known for its meat and fish consumption, to lead the way with non-meat protein alternatives and to not rip you off in the process.

Come on Britain, catch up with our Portuguese friends!

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