Saturday, 29 March 2014

Portuguese Car Cozinha

After five trips down to Portugal camping, we have perfected the art of the kitchen in the back of the car.  We even have a kitchen sink!  This way we can set up wherever we want, avoid the relentless Portuguese wind, plan for sudden downpours, and as an additional bonus our kitchen has an ever changing view.  We can pull up to our spot and have the kitchen set up in a couple of minutes.

In the tradition of most Portuguese food we tend to keep our open air meals simple.  On this particular evening we cooked up a squash, bean and tomato stew with bread on the side and a bottle of Sagres to wash it all down.  We enjoyed this meal whilst watching the sun drop behind the hills and the waves crashing against the shore at Ingrina. Good food always tastes better in the open air.

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