Friday, 14 March 2014

Ecotricity - Power to the People

We received the latest e-newsletter from Ecotricity today.  What I like about Ecotricity is that, unlike most energy companies, they don't talk bullshit (perhaps due to their founder Dale Vince being vegan!).  They just say it how it is and aren't afraid to speak out about things they think are wrong and are trying, as a company, to change.  

It is all pretty straight forward with Ecotricity and that is perhaps why so many people are now turning to them for their energy needs.  In fact this week they reached 100,000 customers.  It is very much power to the people.  
What is even more amazing is that Ecotricity are continuing their freeze on price increases, extending this now further until October.  We joined Ecotricity for ethical reasons expecting that we might have to pay a little more to make our stance against the Big Six. We never expected to then pay a price that knocks the socks off of the main guys.  There is simply no excuse not to back these guys and become a customer.

...and returning to my opening statement about the morals of Ecotricity, let me remind you that they are also very vocal opponents of fracking.  Thankfully in Cornwall we won't see the horrors of fracking but many British households are inadvertently supporting shale gas through their energy bills.  It has to be challenged on all levels; on the ground and in your choice of supplier.

Check out Ecotricity's latest short film about fracking which they have put together to lend support to local communities opposed to shale gas fracking.

Frack free gas now and always

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