Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Quick and Easy Tomato Tartlets

Despite the fact that Summer has had a hissy fit and left, slamming the door firmly shut behind her with a flurry of wind and rain, the tomatoes have yet to give up on us.  Their shiny rotund forms can be seen clinging on to the now sad looking plants as they are whipped about mercilessly in the cooling northern wind. 

Everyday we retrieve those that have given in and fallen to the ground in various stages of ripeness as well as plucking those that have made it all the way through before they too give up. 

Delightfully, we seem to have a constant supply of ripe ones piled up in a bowl on our kitchen worktop.  Most of these we have been enjoying fresh; by far the best and simplest way to enjoy them in our view.  Every now and then however we enjoy bringing out their sweetness with a touch of cooking.

Tomato Tartlets
Take some lovely fresh tomatoes and halve.
Cut some vegan puff pastry with a cookie cutter of a size that will allow space around the tomato when placed on top.  Pop them onto a greased oven tray.
Go grab some vegan cheese if you have some (you don't have to but it is a naughty addition especially if you use a Vegusto cheese!).  Slice and sneak one slice on top of each pastry round.
Pop a tomato half on top of the cheese and then scatter over some fresh herbs (we like a bit of oregano and thyme) and then a pinch of course salt and some ground black pepper.  Finish with the merest drip of olive oil on top of the tomatoes.
Bake at about 200 degrees C for approximately 25 minutes (basically until the pastry is risen around the tomatoes and golden brown - you'll work it out for sure!).

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