Thursday, 19 September 2013

Intelligence and Sensitivity

Sometimes, just sometimes, you wonder what makes people tick.  Actually let's be honest here; it's more than sometimes.  In fact, it is a daily occurrence.  The litter chucked out the car window, the group of people stood chatting in the entrance to the shop whilst everyone has to walk around them, the car parked so it takes up two spaces in the car park and the complete blanket subconscious denial of the infliction of cruelty on beings of a different species; they are all examples of different levels of ignorance that torture me to different degrees on a daily basis.  People often show a complete disregard and awareness for the minor actions in their lives so how could we expect them to deal with really important stuff?  Phil and I refer to all of these as 'another bout of unawareness'.
I don't consider myself to be a very intelligent person.  I don't have a degree and I don't have a high flying job that I can hold up and say "hey look how important and intelligent I am", but you know what, I've met plenty of people who fit this description but somehow have missed the point.  What is the point you might ask?  Well, in my uneducated and unqualified opinion, the point is that you should always engage your brain fully, beyond your own 'world', beyond what others tell you, beyond your own race, country, belief and species.  You and your family are not the only people sharing this planet.
You know what, I might order some of these pills.  It might stop me ranting and make me happier.

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