Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Golden September Light

An early dinner greeted me on return from work last night - a lovely healthy Japanese style stew complete with tofu chunks and seaweed.  As well as curries, Phil is also very good at this style of cooking. 
With the goodness of the ocean inside our tummies, we decided we had enough time before dark to take in the goodness of the ocean from the outside too and promptly took to walking along the estuary and out to the beach.  We also had the intention of searching for giant puffballs along the way but alas, as predicted by Phil, we had shamefully left it too late in the season and found no evidence on our usual patch.  Regardless it was such a beautiful evening of warmth and light. 
The light was painting everything golden; the sculpted ripples on the sand, the gentle sparkling eddies of the river, the under wings of the seagulls drifting in the still air overhead, the splashes of water as dogs surged to capture floating balls and the smiling faces of our fellow beach dwellers.
As the sun dropped, people stood contemplating the narrowing pathway of light out to sea until the final 'blip' sent the whole of the sky above into a final display of graduated yellow to blue. 
It was time to head home before the September nip in the air took hold and chased away the gathered warmth and golden memories of this glorious evening.

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