Saturday, 21 September 2013

Badger Cull

I have just been sent this link by a friend.  It is a well written piece about the badger cull from a County Councillor from Somerset County Council. 
What makes it very valuable is that he is writing it from the perspective of someone who was essentially pro cull but then dug deeper.  It is refreshing to hear of a politician taking it upon themselves to investigate and question their own government.  I really hope this story gets out there.  It is of course what the anti-cull camp have been screaming loudly about for a long long time but sometimes it takes an insider to start questioning things before some people will sit up and take note. 
I applaud Mike Rigby's intelligence to investigate and question the cull.  I also applaud his honesty and bravery in doing so despite representing a rural constituency.

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