Saturday, 17 November 2012

What Do You Call a Gathering of Vegans?

The answer is 'an inspiration'.  Today we went to the Truro Vegan Fayre (see previous post) and were delighted to see that this year it was even busier than previous years.  There was a great buzz about the place and it was wonderful to meet friends old and new from near and far.  The tables were heaving with wonderful samples and plenty of resources and campaign materials both for the curious and the well informed.  If even one person chooses to follow a vegan diet as a result (hopefully there will be more), the efforts of Cornwall Animal Action in organising this fabulous event will have been worth it and I'm sure there are many vegans that attended (ourselves included) that appreciated the opportunity of being reminded that there are plenty of us out there already!  Thank you Cornwall Animal Action.

This is a postcard that we picked up at the fayre that says it all really!


  1. Just found your blog, via eco-vegan-shoes . . . love this postcard . . . have just FB'd it . . . Will be back.

    1. Many thanks Karmaquinta for visiting our blog. You're blog looks great too and of great interest to us as we too love Portugal and have visited on camping trips on a few occasions now. I have photos from Portugal on my photo website (linked from our blog) if you are interested. We will be back to your blog too!