Saturday, 17 November 2012


So I feel really bad about not mentioning Vegusto in my previous post about vegan cheese and the shop bought varieties available.  The thing is we hadn't had the opportunity to taste it until today when there were samples available at the Truro Vegan Fayre.  Let's just say that we will be ordering in some for Christmas.  Yes, they are quite costly (that is the Swiss for you) but hey, contrary to popular non-vegan belief, vegans can be totally decadent too you know!  Watch out for Vegusto cheese recipes around the festive season (unless we snorkel the whole lot before Christmas and before we've had a chance to put them into recipes!).

Apparently there are deals on line at the moment if you want to indulge yourself.

Oh and by the way if you are reading this Vegusto Cheese makers, feel free to send us some samples and we will willingly investigate and experiment fully!

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