Thursday, 21 March 2019

Vegan Rising - Cornwall Vegans Poster Appeal

There can be absolutely no doubt that veganism is on the rise; and at an astonishing pace.  Now more than ever is the time for outreach work, something that Cornwall Vegans do very well.  Over the past couple of years or so they have launched poster campaigns across Cornwall, and this Spring sees the release of the Vegan Rising 2019 poster campaign.

Most vegans seem tuned in to spotting the word 'vegan', and I am no exception to that, but I am not so tuned in to advertising and often times will not even notice billboards.  

Cornwall Vegans posters though I do notice, and that is without looking for them.  I saw one last night at a bus stop on my drive home through Truro.  As I was driving, it was only a fleeting glimpse of the starling one at the top of the page but it caught my attention.  It was only when I caught up on the Cornwall Vegans Facebook page last night that I saw it and put two and two together.  Anyone standing at that bus stop or walking past couldn't fail to see it.

The wonderful Starling design poster, which is gearing up towards the March for Animals on 10th August, can be seen in Truro at the moment.  The Robin design is currently in St Ives and Looe, and the Sheep design in Newquay and Falmouth.  The more posters the better to get the message out there, so Cornwall Vegans are looking for donations to buy more advertising space and spread them further afield throughout Cornwall.

Please donate if you can.  Every pound counts and will help further this great campaign.  If you can afford it please Paypal your donation (under the friends and family setting) to 

One glance, one read, one thought; that could be one more vegan in the offing.  



  1. I saw that amazing sheep poster today on a bus shelter in Falmouth, and it was so arresting that I googled it trying to find it, that's how I found your blog! :D
    Do you know if it's possible to get leaflets or smaller sized posters of that? I would love to spread it around, it is unignorable.

    1. Hey Barbara. Thanks for your comment and question. It is so good to hear of the posters having such an effect. I have put the question to the Cornwall Vegans via their Facebook group as I am unsure about smaller leaflets etc. I will let you know. Alternatively (or in addition), you are more than welcome to join the Cornwall Vegans Facebook group. Great for information and general questions and support about all things vegan in Cornwall and beyond.

  2. Thank you! I think I'll join them.
    I love that sheep one so much that I just made it my Facebook profile photo. (Facebook asked: 'Are you *sure* you want this as your profile picture?' :D)
    It's preaching to the choir with me, I stopped eating dead animals 36 years ago, but I thought it was a brilliant poster, with such perfect words, enough to really haunt people and make them think.
    It's amazing isn't it, to see the rise of veganism in just a few years, I can remember thirty years ago, there was *nothing* available, and you felt like a pariah, everyone felt it was perfectly okay to sneer at and harangue the 'nut cutlet weirdo'. I'm so happy I lived to see this stunning change. :)

    1. Hey Barbara again. If you do join the FB group, they have sorted out a smaller version for you. It seems that when I asked the question, a few other people got excited about having a smaller version too so you kicked something off there which is great! If you don't join it, let me know and I will sort out emailing it to you.

      Yes, Phil and I can't really still believe how much veganism has taken off too. I'm with you on the feeling like a weirdo back then. Funny to finally be in 'fashion' after all those years! :)

  3. Oh, that's great, thank you! I applied to join the group on fb.
    Yes, isn't it weird to finally be mainstream, instead of, 'Err, well, I don't know what to give you, you could just have the potatoes?' :)
    I think give it another year or two, and it's going to become socially unacceptable to eat meat.