Friday, 29 March 2019

Boulangerie de Phil Meets Bacon Seitan

Phil's bread making goes from strength to strength.  I can even put requests in now for various forms of bread I fancy as long as it's sourdough based.  During the week we have to get up at 6am, so we don't really have time to sit down and have breakfast before we leave for work.  At the weekend we make up for that by enjoying various forms of naughty vegan brunching options (after a good reading and tea session in bed).  

Recently I had an urge for a good old simple vegan bacon roll so a request was lodged with the 'Boulangerie de Phil' for some sourdough rolls to make my Saturday morning brunch dream come true.  He delivered in such a way that made me truly appreciate why, after almost 20 years together, he is definitely a keeper (there are plenty of other reasons too I might add!).

Upton's Naturals Bacon SeitanI do normally make my own seitan, including a bacon version.  However, I just simply hadn't had time recently so with a new shop bought bacon alternative easily plucked from the shelves we did succumb. Upton's Naturals Bacon Seitan happens to be available in Sainsbury's and somehow found its way into our shopping basket just prior to my bacon roll weekend request.  I'm not unhappy about that as the ingredients are really refreshingly simple and good.  It might have even been responsible for my bacon roll brunch request.

The combination of des petits pains de Phil and Upton's Bacon Seitan really hit the spot.  In fact Phil, Phil, Phil, oi, where are you... you know you asked me whether I had any plans for Sunday?... get some of your hot buns on the go please!

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