Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Valhalla at Falhalla

Word has come to the North Shore (of Cornwall that is, not Oahu) that down in Falifornia (that's Falmouth to the uninitiated) there is a new vegan venture in the offing.  If everyday seems like a Nordic-scale battle at the moment and you dream of your own personal Valhalla, then you should treat yourself and head over to Falhalla this Sunday for the opening day of their new pop up vegan fast food joint.

Falhalla is based at Stones Bakery, slap bang in the heart of the vibrant High Street in Falmouth and it is Pete Wright, one of the bakers at Stones, that is at the forefront of this new vegan eatery.  Back in 2016, whilst in Toronto, Pete visited a place called Cosmic Treats where he was introduced to a world of veganism he didn't know existed.  Pete likes his fast food and fell head over heels in love with the Kentucky style fried 'chicken' and 'beef' burgers offered at Cosmic Treats.  On arriving back in Falmouth last year, he was left wanting for the same kind of vegan options and finding little on offer, he took it upon himself to create his own.  

Pete has spent time refining his recipes, a task helped considerably with his experience and use of the equipment at the bakery.  He is particularly proud of his vegan brioche style buns and his seitan 'meat', along with the fact that he makes it all fresh each day.  The only exception to this is his homemade cashew ice cream, which does take a little more preparation, but after being blown away by the version he experienced in Toronto he couldn't live without producing his own supply and sharing it with the vegan community over here.

On the opening day on Sunday there will be Seitan Cheek'n Burgers, Seitan Beefy Quarter Pounders, Seitan Ribwich Burgers, and Mac n' Cheez on offer, all of which come with fries.  For dessert there is that much loved Cashew Ice Cream served on Hot Belgian Waffles.  Soft drinks are on offer, alongside a vegan pale ale from The Wild Beer Co (another establishment Pete has had some experience at).  Opening is from 12-8pm so plenty of opportunity for lunch, dinner or both!

For further details give Pete a shout on the email or phone number above.  Better still, drop in to support this new vegan venture, enjoy his homemade treats, and find out more about Falhalla.  Hopefully Falhalla will become the vegan heaven in Falmouth that its name aspires to.

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