Monday, 2 January 2017

Snacks, Seals, and Sunsets

We love where we live, especially as we can walk out of our door and be on wild coastline within a few minutes.  These past two days or so we have enjoyed such walks, even covering some of the same route without a hint of boredom.  All we need is the ever changing landscape of the sea on one side, a bit of decent weather and a bag full of snacks and we would happily wander around 'the hood' all day until sunset.

Our snack bag recently has been filled by treats that my sister sent over from Alaska. Every year we send each other these packages, with food being a particular theme.  I always send her favourite Cornish Tregothnan Tea along with, among other things this year, Tartex Green Olive Pate and Sainsburys (Vegan) Bacon Crispies, which she is mad for. Meanwhile from my sister we got a big old parcel of vegan cookies, lovely Kashmir chai tea, Mayan drinking chocolate and coconut water hydration for my running exploits.  So with a flask of lovely tea and some vegan cookies we headed off towards the sound of the waves.

We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Cornish choughs that we are fortunate enough to have residing on our section of coastline.  

Earlier in the week we had seen two flying over the west end of the beach, the furthest east we had ever seen them, so we were hopeful. 

However, whilst jackdaws whirled and chuckled all around us, teasing us with their similar black shapes, there was not a distinctive red beak or leg in sight during our most recent wanderings.  

We were however treated to the sight of the local seal colony frolicking in the surf and lazing in a cove with equal measure. 

There were plenty of people around to enjoy this spectacle too, and it is always a delight to hear such excitement from those that are experiencing seeing seals for the first time in their natural environment.  

With the sun setting and with about 3 miles between us and home, we reluctantly headed back; our snack bags depleted, hair windswept, but minds refreshed by a simple walk on the wild side.

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