Friday, 9 September 2016

Rooting For Those Vegan Vibes


As a sustainable community space in the heart of Cornwall, there is always something interesting going on at the Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Porthtowan.  One such example is their Roots Culture Markets which run on various Sundays throughout the year.  If the stalls in the covered outdoor artisan market selling local produce, crafts, up-cycled goodies, plants, cakes (including vegan ones from our experience), records, and other unusual gifts wasn't a draw enough, how about indulging in some fabulous tasty food whilst Latin, African, and Reggae musical vibes float tropically through the air?

I'm sure that has caught your imagination already but word is that this Sunday the already legendary specialist vegetarian Cantina Cafe (normally they always provide luscious vegan options) is for the first time offering a full vegan food menu. Phil's eyes lit up even more when he noticed that the food on offer for Sunday was also an 'Indian Summer Feast'.  I remember the sights, smells and resulting culinary delights that emanated from the home kitchen of Paul, the now Cantina Cafe chef, many many years ago back in our Devon pasts, especially on curry night.  The word legendary has to be used again here.

So it may be a windy old Indian Summer down here in Cornwall this weekend but you could do worse than to head over to the Roots Culture Market this coming Sunday 11th September for a big old Tropical hug.  Check out the poster above or visit the Mount Pleasant Eco Park website for further details on this and all the other great stuff that goes on there.

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  1. Amazing news! Hungry already :) Will share positive vibes about the vegan reggae roasts to encourage the guys to keep the vegan food menu. X