Friday, 23 September 2016

It's a Wrap

We were out of bread and I really couldn't be bothered to either go and get any or bake some.  We did however need something for lunch the following day and the fridge and cupboards seemed fairly devoid of useful options. Unusually we didn't even have enough leftovers to dispense with the whole sandwich idea altogether. With garden supplies, there were things we could put in a sandwich but where was the bread?

This whole lazy issue led to an experiment I should have tried a long time ago; I would make some flat breads/wraps/tortillas or whatever you want to call them.  It can't be that hard or long winded surely and I had plenty of flour in the stock cupboard? As it turns out it was really easy. So why haven't I made them before and more to the point, why would you want to buy them if you can get purer, cheaper ones by making them yourselves?  I offer no real answer to that because for a first attempt it was pretty tasty and further refinement can only lead to tastier attempts I'm sure.  

So here I offer you my first attempt which made four 8" breads; more than sufficient for both of us for lunch.  I used sun dried tomatoes because, well we had some and to be honest the idea of just a flour and water mix seemed almost too simple. That's a daft concept from me really as that is exactly what flat breads are made from, but I also wanted them to pack a punch with flavour too, which sun dried tomatoes certainly do.  Oh, I also sneaked in some dried oregano for an additional Mediterranean vibe.

I used a food processor to mix it; nothing fancy, just my 25 year old trusty friend of a food processor.  I'm sure hand mixing would be fine too but I was in no mood for this to take a load of time or effort!

Quick 4 Ingredient Wraps

200g flour (I used half buckwheat and half strong white bread flour)
100g sun dried tomatoes (I used jarred ones so they did have a little oil on them)
1 tablespoon of dried oregano

Whizz up the tomatoes until broken up, then add the flour and oregano until incorporated.  With the processor running add water through the top until the mixture comes together into a ball.  Turn this mixture out on to a floured surface and give it a bit of a knead until it feels pliable and smooth (I did this in less than 5 minutes). Divide the mixture into 4 equal balls and then roll each ball into a thin round that will fit into a frying pan. Cook each bread in a heated dry frying pan until browned on each side.

Now I will mention again that these were my first attempt and improvements can definitely be made.  For a start they were a little stiff once cooked but they still did the job in wrapping, all be it with the help of a cocktail stick to keep them wrapped!  It certainly has led me to want to experiment more with different combinations of flours and flavourings and I even have in mind, for a wet winters weekend, that I will have a flat bread making session and freeze a load for future use.

If you are wondering what we used inside our wrap in the photo; there was homemade cashew cheese (I'm always experimenting with that but here is at least one version I make), coconut bacon, a slightly tweaked version of our creamy leek, mushroom and broad bean pasta (without the pasta) and tomatoes and rocket from the garden.

Anyway, it's a wrap.  Enjoy!

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