Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Cornish Vegan Piskies Hit the Shops

It seems that it is indeed true; Cornish piskies do exist. What is also amazing to learn is that they all seem to be vegan and whilst we imagine they very rarely roam from their mist clad moorland stone circles, barrows and cliff tops, it has recently come to light that they actually do enjoy a good shopping trip here and there.  From supermarket shelves to hobby stores (or should that be hobbit stores?), the vegan piskies are up to harmless vegan inspired mischief spreading the gentle message as they go.  

Roll over Banksy too as, it also appears, the vegan mischief has taken to the streets 'Pisky' style.  Mysterious chalk messages are appearing on pavements and structures all over the place as piskies and pixies of the world unite in spreading the magical vegan message. The pixies just across the border in Devon indeed invite you to partake in such mischief and magic this coming Saturday.  Check out the Plymouth Vegan Chalk Bomb Challenge for details.  

If you can't make it this Saturday then create your own magic in a shop or on a pavement near you soon. According to the official advertising agency 'Especially Subliminal Piskies' (ESP for short), advertising really does work.  So go forth and be pisky!  

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