Saturday, 24 September 2016

Coconut Collaborative Rice Pudding

Photo from The Coconut Collaborative's Facebook page
Rice pudding is one of those things that we really should make more often.  In the heat of the summer a chilled, creamy, ricey wonder is delicious and equally, a warm spicy rice pudding in the depths of winter is more than enough to chase away the darkness.  Indeed at Christmas, when my parents come to stay, my coconut rice pudding is a regular request from my not so vegan dad.

For years making your own vegan rice pudding has been the only option if you fancied such a treat.  Back in the 80's there was a tinned rice pudding available from Plamil.  It was delicious and very popular within the vegan circles both Phil and I moved in back then, but despite this it then sadly disappeared off the face of the vegan earth, leaving a lazy, convenient vegan rice pudding 'dessert desert'.  No more though.  For those moments when rice pudding desire strikes there is now a delicious vegan solution.

The Coconut Collaborative have deliciously charged into the vegan market with their frozen Snowconut Yogurt and chilled coconut milk yogurts.  However, the recent discovery of a two pack of coconut rice pudding from them had me snatching it off the shelf with unnerving zeal.  An equally enthusiastic reaction ensued from Phil when I showed him.  It really was such a childish reaction to such a simple food but yep, we openly admit it; we were kids about it.  The consumption of said rice pudding stood up to the anticipation too.  It was delicious.

Now if the whole idea of a 'convenient treat' doesn't sit comfortably with you, there are a few facts that might ease the guilt. First off, come on, The Coconut Collaborative have made the vegan effort and even made sure they proudly display The Vegan Society mark. Secondly, the ingredients are pretty good too.  A rice pudding containing coconut is full of fatty acids with beneficial properties especially in terms of an energy boost.  Coconuts also contain zero cholesterol.  The rice pudding is also free of gluten and soya.

If that wasn't enough The Coconut Collaborative also have a tree planting project with their friends at Pur Project.  The resulting little piece of jungle in South East Asia will regenerate soil and provide wildlife habitat and income for local communities.  For news of the project and all the other goodies The Coconut Collaborative make, check out their website or Facebook page.  

Did we mention that the rice pudding tasted extremely good too?..........yum.

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