Thursday, 25 August 2016

Vegan Event Hub

The new & improved website has launched! (I've even handmade an illuminated sign to celebrate.)

SpiritualImagine the situation; you are heading off somewhere and you are all up for seeking out the best vegan opportunities available to you in the chosen destination at the said time (yes even outside the amazing world of Planet Cornwall)?  Enter Vegan Event Hub. What about if you had a vegan event planned and you wanted to shout out to the world that it was happening?  Enter Vegan Event Hub again. 

How lucky are we that the very creation of such an amazing resource has happened within Cornish shores?!  How proud are we that one of our own has come up with such an amazing idea? Very is the answer.  And you know what?; the website looks amazing too!  Love it, love it, love it.  So proud.

Not only is it an amazing resource to bring worldwide veganism together (Viva La Revolution!) but it makes me feel all cosy and warm inside that all that vegan, lovely, kind stuff is happening on our planet.  It's like a big old vegan planetary hug.

If you are looking for the vegan angle on animals, travel, knowledge. sound and vision, health and fitness, campaigns and demonstrations, food and drink, festivals or spiritual ideals, you'd be a bit bonkers mad if you didn't stop off at Vegan Event Hub.  So 'get in there' and please do find, promote and illuminate this wonderful global resource.  It simply has to go global now, especially as the vegan interns have put in such an effort!


  1. So happy to wake up to this review about Vegan Event Hub from you! *Blushing* a little bit, but in a GOOD way. Thanks guys. Glad you're enjoying the new website. :))