Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cornwall Vegans Celebrate 1000 Amigos Animales

Having been vegan for almost 30 years and very much feeling like a minority back then, it is a glorious feeling to now live in a world where the word 'vegan' is not only recognised but has reached mainstream levels.  I had always hoped that veganism would gain popularity in years to come but I never quite imagined it would have taken off quite as dramatically as it has.  The Internet and social media has had a  major impact on many different levels, including veganism, and I now have a revised and renewed dream that we could see a vegan utopia sooner than we think!

I knew a small bunch of dedicated vegans in Plymouth and the surrounding area during the time I lived there but when I moved to rural Cornwall 12 years ago I wasn't expecting to bump in to many vegans at all.  It took me a while to realise that wasn't the case and to very much prove the point the Cornwall Vegans Facebook group recently reached 1000 members.  I've yet to meet them all but it is certainly a great feeling to know they are all around!

1000 Amigos Animales is an event organised by Cornwall Vegans to celebrate the 1000 members (actually now currently 1022).  It takes place on Saturday 27th August at Whiskers in the bustling centre of Newquay.  With free entry the party kicks off at 8pm - midnight and with Bobby Soul and DJ Schmarkle ramping up the latin/funk/afrobeat vibes it would be worth putting on your vegan dancing shoes and practising your smooth moves. 

Whiskers is a coffee shop, bar and live music venue with a reputation for being 'dog, cat, child, vegan and gluten free friendly'.  They have also picked up 'Winners of Best Bar' and 'Best Overall Service' in Newquay's Bar and Venue Awards. They are a chilled out, fun loving, energetic bunch with a great sense of humour, great dedication to eco-awareness and customer service which makes it even more shameful that this lovely small business was recently burgled.  So if you can't make it to the celebration please do make sure you go along at some point to support them during this difficult time.

Details for the 1000 Amigos Animales event at Whiskers are available on the Facebook Events Page and in the meantime, here's to another 1000 members to Cornwall Vegans in the coming months!

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