Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The V Cream Tea

What could be more Cornish than a lovely cream tea?  If you're from Devon then no doubt at this point you will have reached for the phone to call up BBC Cornwall's Laurence Reed to shout obscenities about the audacity of the Cornish claiming the Devon cream tea as their own. Then the whole jam or cream first debate will ensue and before you know it your tea's gone cold. Serves you right for being weird if that's the case, especially if you really believe the jam should be on top.  That's clearly wrong and you know it.

Next will come the shout from the non-vegans out there thinking they've finally caught you out.  "You can't eat that!" they exclaim incredulously.  Wrong again.  Scone, jam and cream; they can all be vegan along with a lovely cup of tea made with the plant milk of your choice instead of moo juice.  Healthier and cruelty free to boot!

However, if you want a vegan cream tea in Cornwall you would normally have to make your own, unless of course you are heading westbound this coming Sunday, and jump off at Camborne Railway Station and join Cornwall Vegans on the platform.  A lovely lady called Julia runs a cafe from the platform and it is here that Cornwall Vegans are hosting the Vegan Cream Tea.  Baked by Cornwall Vegan members the scones, jam, cake, and cream on offer are free (donations appreciated) with Julia serving the tea from the counter.

So if you are local or down on holiday why not join Cornwall Vegans for a 'propur' treat Cornish style this Sunday as well as meeting up with some like minded folks?  For full details take a look at the The V Cream Tea Facebook event page.  Just remember to put the jam on first to avoid being chased back across the Tamar under a hail of pasties!

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