Sunday, 28 August 2016

Ohana Superfoods Hot Chocolate

We recently cycled into Newquay to watch some of the Boardmasters event at Fistral Beach, and arrived in need of some vegan sustenance.  We took turns scouting the many food and drink stalls for something both vegan and enticing, and were left wanting on both counts.  How disappointing that the vegan revolution in Cornwall didn't extend to the foods on offer here (we heard that the main music side of the festival fared better).  Many years ago there used to be a van selling amazing tofu burgers at this event, but we haven't seen it there for a few years now (thinking about it, that might be why we stopped going!).  As usual (for a surf comp. in August) there wasn't a lot of wave action happening, so we resigned ourselves to a bit of hunger while watching the amazing skills of the BMX'ers on the ramp. There were no problems with progress with those guys. Respect.

After a while our gnawing hunger got the better of us, and we wondered where to head to refuel. Enter Ohana. We can't remember where we'd heard of them; it could have been through a friend, or Cornwall Vegans Facebook group.  Either way, when we looked through the menu sat out back on their sun terrace overlooking the expanse of Newquay Bay, we kicked ourselves for not checking them out sooner.  To say that they are vegan friendly would be an understatement. When we saw a vegan 'Superfoods hot chocolate' on the menu, it didn't take us long to start our order with that; also adding a quinoa burrito, a falafel sandwich, and some chocolate cake.  When they asked if we wanted vegan whipped cream on our hot chocolates, well... it would have been rude to refuse!

I don't think we'd have ever come up with the idea for a superfoods hot chocolate ourselves, but we're glad somebody did.  It was delicious.  Made with almond milk, cacao, turmeric, cinnamon, and maca, it was just the thing to re-energize us.  A definite winner.  The burrito was another one.  Packed with quinoa and roasted peppers, with just the right amount of chili heat.  The Falafel sandwich also went down well, but wasn't on quite the same level.  It was good, but could have done with a few slices of avocado or some sauce, as it was a little bit dry.  Put it this way though, none of it was left on the plate.  The chocolate cake was really good too.  It must have been, as there was only one slice left for us to share!  

Ohana means family in Hawaiian, and that's the feel of the place.  You feel welcome, even as a vegan! (we shouldn't have to say that, but some places have yet to catch up).  With great food, great views, great music, friendly and welcoming staff, what's not to like?  They also host live music events in the evenings too, which we really should make more of an effort to attend.  See their Facebook page for details.  Since that first visit we've been back quite a few times, to fill empty post surf bellies, and to top up our hot chocolate levels.  In fact, we've even tried making it at home.  Here's our version...

Superfoods hot chocolate for two

We used Good Hemp Milk, Hasslacher's Hot Drinking Chocolate bar and also their Panela, and added in 1/2 tsp ground turmeric and 1/3 tsp ground cinnamon, simmering for a minute or two, before adding more hemp milk to cool it a little, and whisking in 1/2 tsp Maca.  Who wants to wait 20 mins before it's cool enough to drink?


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