Saturday, 26 December 2015

National Trust Vegan Treat

Despite the lack of rain, a Boxing Day family walk from home to the beach and coast path wasn't really a great idea today.  The strong winds that have plagued us for days were still very much present and it would have made for a bit of a challenging walk.  So we sought out the quieter sheltered inland reaches of Cornwall and headed for the National Trust property of Lanhydrock. With its wooded valleys and formal garden pathways we were assured of dodging wind and mud as well as taking my parents to an area they had not been to before.    

After a very pleasant walk, where we could hear the wind gusts above our head but thankfully were sheltered from their full force, we headed to the cafe. We knew they could provide a good cup of Earl Grey with soya milk and, in the past, a tasty vegan flapjack but we really did not expect to find the fully labelled vegan treat we did.  For there for all to see on the counter was a Vegan Banoffee Cake.  That'll be two slices then please with our tea!

Well done National Trust for providing such a wonderful treat in full view on the counter.  

For details on Lanhydrock (photo below courtesy of the Lanhydrock National Trust site - it wasn't snowing today I might add but it looks pretty huh?) - click on the photo or the link above.  Be sure to check out the cafe, and should you find a great vegan treat then express your appreciation to them for ensuring us vegans don't miss out. We certainly did!

Snow at Lanhydrock house


  1. I'm intrigued about a recipe for this. It looks lush - I'd like to try to make one. What do you think the frosting is made of? I had a google around and I can find vegan banofee pie recipes but not banoffee cake.

  2. Hey Kate - I think I was too busy scoffing it to think very much about the icing or ingredients! However, the icing was very soft - more like a 'buttercream'. I'm sure it had a banana flavouring but not too overpowering - just a hint. Most buttercreams are just margarine, shortening, icing sugar and plant milk but the glossiness of this one makes me think there was perhaps more to it than that with a bit of banana in it. If I find out/find a recipe that I think matches, I'll let you know.