Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Hair Today in Falmouth

Seeing Hair Today at the Cornwall Vegan Festival had reminded me that it was about time I tamed my wild silvering locks.  It had after all been at least three years since I had set foot in the hairdressers.  On Friday, I also found myself in Falmouth for a couple of hours before our staff Christmas party.  All indications were pointing towards a trip to Hair Today; the only place I consider for such treats.

Apart from the fact that hairdressing salons are not my natural environment, the other reason I leave it so long between having haircuts is the fact that it is pretty difficult to find a hairdressers that don't use chemical, animal based/tested products.  In fact as far as I know, Hair Today is the only place that doesn't 'round these parts'.  It is a shame it is all the way down in Falmouth as I would certainly visit more often and my hair would be far less in the state of 'wild woman of the mountains' as a result.

Hair Today is an organic hair salon in Falmouth that use 100% vegan and cruelty-free hair colour and products.  That is the backbone on which their ethos is based and, with the marketplace seemingly saturated with hairdressing salons, it is one that definitely attracts a niche but increasing customer base.  When I started out on my vegan journey almost 30 years ago, it never occurred to me to extend my ethos during visits to the hairdressers.  I think it is one of those things that came along at a later date when all the rest of the vegan changes had settled down.   There were really no alternatives back then either so probably one of the reasons I was so lazy in taking trips to the hairdressers!  I think new vegans these days are so much better informed and so no doubt catch on a little quicker to the changes they need to make.  Thank goodness therefore that places like Hair Today exist to cater for these changes and needs.

With more than a decade each of experience, Emma and Hayley have no shortage of creative knowledge when it comes to your locks.  I literally have no idea of style when it comes to hair but I felt more than relaxed and confident to leave my thick mop in their capable hands (especially after Hayley massaged my head whilst washing my hair!).  They will even make you a cup of tea with soya milk whilst you get pampered!  Needless to say the atmosphere at Hair Today is very laid back.  I am no expert when it comes to hairdressing salon visits but I know that some I have visited in the past have left me squirming from false atmospheres and pungent chemical smells.  Hair Today is a natural environment in more ways than one.  So if you are a vegan, ethical, organic, natural, chemical dodging, wild haired, hairdressing phobic like me (or any of the above), there is only one simple choice in my view - to put yourself in the capable, gentle and kind hands of Emma and Hayley at Hair Today in Falmouth.

To find out more, get in touch or make an appointment ring 01326 210432 or visit the website Hair Today Falmouth.

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