Wednesday, 21 October 2015

For All You Chickadees

You know sometimes you have the kind of day that gets you down for important reasons or sometimes for no apparent reason.  Either way, you need to keep yourself afloat.  Music always really helps me.  In fact on occasions it has been my saviour, even if that means I am unintentionally brought to tears as part of the listening process.  That is what makes music so amazing and also so important and influential in my life.  It is also very much part of my creative process. Without it I cannot write, photograph or in fact feel alive.  It feels like that sometimes.  

This evening I was listening to one of our favourite radio shows which we play constantly over and over; Lou Reed's New York Shuffle when Feist's track 'Caught A Long Wind' came up. I love this track anyway but this evening it really got to me. So apt to the way I was feeling and yes, I admit, I had a little tear here and there.  

So my little chickadees, if you are feeling a little jaded, have a little listen and consider it a little hug from me to you as well.  

And in the meantime, have a listen to Lou's show from the link above.  The Feist track is about 45 minutes 45 seconds in and the comments after always put a smile on my face.

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