Sunday, 11 October 2015

Eden Project Petition for Vegan Food

Many a time I have written to the Eden Project to ask why they do not provide more vegan options. Nothing seems to change and to be honest, I've seen more choice at places that don't profess to be environmental educators.  The thing is, we all know as vegans, that the first thing they should be doing is pushing the environmental benefits of a plant based diet and here we are begging for just a better choice of vegan food in their restaurants!  

If you live in Cornwall you can get a cheaper 'locals' pass for year round access to Eden. We normally renew this every year as there is something really lovely about walking around the tropical biome in the midst of a Cornish winter when it's lashing it down outside.  At the moment however, I'm really not feeling inclined to renew it this year.  I'm getting a little tired that Eden, after all these years, still hasn't developed their thinking and shed the shackles of profit over the true message it was originally created for; the protection of the environment.  

This petition, started by a Cornish vegan, has been around for a couple of months now and I am surprised it hasn't had more interest.  As I write it is only 19 signatures away from a 500 target, which is great, but I believe it should be able to easily surpass that to send a really strong message to Eden.  So come on vegans of the world, give this world renowned 'tourist' attraction the proverbial kick it needs to ask them to have a little think about their environmental priorities.

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