Saturday, 31 October 2015

Fill My Vegan Love Pot

You can have as many vegan cookbooks as you want but nothing is better than having another vegan pass on that recipe that they have just made up or tried and really enjoyed.  It feels good to receive it and it feels good to pass on the vegan foodie love.  The world of blogging and the Internet in general has made the sharing of recipes even easier these days.

To celebrate the sharing of vegan recipes and to enhance the Vegan Cook Book stall I am having at the Cornwall Vegan Festival on 5th December, I am having a free recipe lucky dip.  It will be in a big cooking pot named 'The Vegan Love Pot'. 

I'm looking for contributions far and wide for my Vegan Love Pot so if you would like to 'add to the mix' and share your favorite recipe I would love to hear from you. You can email us at or paste a link in the comments.  Please only send your original recipes or share links to recipes that are already out there and available to print from the public domain (e.g. no scans or prints from published books).  I will only print out the recipe for the pot (no personal details) but if you would like to include your name, where in the world you are from and how long you have been vegan (if you are) then that might add to the interest for the lucky dipper who is fortunate to pick out your contribution.

I really look forward to hearing from people all over the world so please, fill my Vegan Love Pot and share your vegan love with the lovely people of Cornwall on Saturday 5th December!

The Cornwall Vegan Festival takes place at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro on Saturday 5th December.  Visit the official Cornwall Vegan Festival Facebook page for more details

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