Saturday, 28 March 2015

Views From Our Window

Things have been a little quiet on our blog for a while.  The reason is we have been wild camping in Portugal and have had very little chance to get wi-fi.  That in itself is a good thing in these days of wi-fi saturation; apart from when you want to write a blog post!

So our days have been fairly languid and sunny and every morning as we awake, our view is different through the window.  With previous knowledge of where to collect fresh water and plenty of lovely fruits and vegetables to peruse at the local shops, our days are pretty self sufficient.  We go to sleep just after dusk and wake up at dawn and spend the time between searching for waves, shady spots for yoga, interesting running routes or just places to sit staring or reading.  After all learning to relax and take time for ourselves takes practice!!

This is our first year here with Miles Davis, our camper van.  We usually camp and have been restricted to the much more limited places we can erect and safely leave our tent. Miles has certainly opened up a whole new world of freedom as within him we take with us our bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room.  He is, as Phil quite regularly says, 'some boy' (that's Cornish for he is rather special).

Today however we have encountered our first dilemma as we have made our first pilgrimage to our favourite Portuguese restaurant Eurasia (which is where we sit now writing this courtesy of the wi-fi also provided).  With no tent to have to travel back to 40 miles or so away, it may be hard to resist not just parking up here the rest of the holiday!  

Eurasia is now open Monday to Saturday midday to 3pm.  It offers a wonderful buffet style spread of food at least half of which is vegan (just ask and they will guide you) and all you can eat for just €7.50!  Read our full review here.  Let's just say even if we don't camp outside, we will be back for another visit very soon.

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