Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Stop Eating Animals

For a nation with a long history of heavy meat and fish eating that continues to this day, Portugal does still have plenty of evidence that there are exceptions to the rule.  

This particular example, at a traffic light, made us chuckle a fair amount.  It also brought out the sudden, and until this moment not really thought about, realisation that the Portuguese stop signs are written in English too!

We of course do not know whether this sticker was put there by a native or a visitor but either way Portugal, like the rest of the world, is moving more in the direction of a plant based diet.  It does have many traditional bean and vegetable dishes (mainly for reasons of poverty in the past) that are still very much part of their culinary tradition today.  These simple but nutritious and delicious dishes are the strong foundations that the move toward a more plant based diet are based on.  

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