Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I'm In! A Pledge to Coco Caravan Chocolate

We met Jacques from Coco Caravan a year or so back in Bristol.  We loved Jacques (such a lovely guy) and we loved his chocolate (does that make it cupboard love?).  We can't get it locally so have ordered it a couple of times for treats so anything that gets more of his chocolate circulating in the vegan world and nearer to us has got to be worth it right?  

Then into our inbox comes the email below informing us of a Kickstarter project he has under way.  Well count us in. After our pledge he needs just another £28 in the next 5 days to get it off the ground.  
So come on folks, it's chocolate and it's vegan; what is there not to like about that!  
Dear Chocolate lovers,
Cococaravan has the chocolate that ticks all the boxes, it's vegan, it's raw, it's free of refined sugars, it's low in fructose, it's organic, it's fair-trade, it's hand made, it's gluten free, it's free of additives and it's independent. 

Now we are small independent brand and would like to put all those ticks on our packaging via accreditation. To fund the accreditation we have setup a crowd funding project via Kickstarter. You can find the project via the link below.

Of course we're not just asking for a donation. You will be able to get some new flavours, great deals, packages and freebies through this project or you can encourage your friends to get some.

Also, via this project we can send to the rest of Europe, USA and to Australia. Before in Australia we were know as Chocolates by Jacques and it is a great way to get some more of that delicious raw chocolate and vegan caramel again.

Depending on how well we do in this crowd funding project we will be looking a few other projects that we hope to achieve via Kickstarter. The most exciting one of those is opening up a space for chocolate events, workshops and parties. We have our sights on a great location and hope to get there soon.



Llandaff North, Cardiff, Wales 


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