Sunday, 30 November 2014

Long Walks by the Sea

There are many advantages to living where we do but one of the best is that we have a large amount of open space around us.  Straight from our door we can walk and be in view of the sea within minutes and we can walk beside it for hours.  Neither of us can bear to be away from the sea very long so we feel very privileged and happy to live where we do.
Today we took off for a three hour walk over common land, two headlands and three beaches; all under a mixture of sunshine and dark clouds.  We saw mating seals, birds of prey, swooping gulls and many a mushroom whilst enjoying the sound of the surging sea, feeling the nip of the slight wind and exchanging greetings with fellow walkers.
My only regret was not having taken a camera with me (beyond the one on my phone) with a good lens to capture the drama of the mating seals rolling around in the sand at the edge of the surf.  I did however discover a panoramic setting on the camera of my new phone which was a bit of a novelty!

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