Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Letter to Jamie Oliver

Dear Jamie,

You’re busy so we will make this a quick(ish) read!

We’ve been vegan over 27 years but only in the last 5 years have we seen veganism become truly recognised and certainly a lot more understood.  It’s a hugely expanding market there is no doubt about that; with many a celebrity now ‘coming out’ as a vegan!  If you want to know how popular and amazing people think vegan food is just pop into Wildebeest in little old Falmouth in the depths of Cornwall (you might want to book first though!). 

Out of all the respected chefs we think that you are the most respected among the vegan community; due to your no nonsense, direct, no bullshit approach with your cuisine and your community projects.  It has been noted that you have embraced vegan cuisine among your recipes (hell, your Chilli Con Veggie recipe is a blinder – best one we’ve ever tasted).

So here’s the thing; there is only one man for the job.  We think you should make a vegan cookery TV show.  We are not talking about necessarily from the animal cruelty perspective (the public would find that hard to swallow and watch no doubt), or even the environmental/feed the world perspective (watch the film ‘Cowspiracy’ if you want to blow your mind with that one -  No, we are talking from the healthy, damn good tasting food perspective.  Let’s face it, you are bloody good at that and you are also pretty good at doing projects that are different, ‘out there’ and that challenge and interest people.  The fact is people love you and nobody has made a mainstream vegan TV show as far as we know (not in this country anyway).  That is a winning combination surely?

Despite our suggestion of a vegan TV show being on the top spot on Food Network suggestions for over a year nothing has happened there ( so perhaps a kick from you would do the trick?  In fact we’d rather you did it than Food Network anyway.

So what do you think Jamie? 

If you would like to discuss this further pop in for a cuppa (soya milk only) when you are next at Fifteen at Watergate (we are only about 5 miles west).  Despite our ‘up front’ letter above we are actually very quiet, unassuming people so I’m sure you can cope with us.  Or better still, we’ll treat you to a meal at Wildebeest.  If only you knew how hard that was to resist?

Scooby Gill and Phil Chapman


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