Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Smells and Light of Autumn

Let's face it, Autumn does have an air of sadness about it.  After all we've had to let go of the much loved Summer. However, if you set your mind to it you can truly embrace Autumn; especially if you appreciate the magic of smells and light. 

For me the smell of wood smoke around the village adds a tinge of excitement to the air; a chance to 'cozy down' and catch up on all those indoor tasks that the Summer sunshine distracted you from doing. 

Between the Autumnal rain showers there is however still a chance to enjoy all that the outdoors offers, especially as it is an unusually warm season so far.  

The smell of damp leaves and mushroomy promise is fantastic. What could sum up a British Autumn more fantastically than newly emerged mushrooms against a backdrop of an English Oak?  These mushrooms looked so beautiful we didn't have the heart to nab them for supper.

The light in the Autumn is just beautiful.  Dark heavy clouds allowing just a sneak of teasing sunshine through  is just one of the things I love about  the 'interesting weather' you often get at this time of year. One of the results of such an occurrence is the painting of rainbows across the sky. 

Here in our own 'backyard' today the rainbow we saw very definitely reminded us that the 'pot of gold' that sits at the end of it is our fortune in living in such a beautiful place.

In the darker stormier days and nights of the coming months we should never forget to embrace all that Autumn and Winter offers us.  Let's face it, it's not all bad sat in front of an open fire with a glass of vino tinto in your hand either!

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