Monday, 23 June 2014

Vegan Sushi

When we told omnivorous colleagues at work that we were going for vegan sushi, on several occasions the reaction was "how can you have sushi?  It's raw fish isn't it?".  Well it's not all about the raw fish you know, and besides that the definition of sushi is actually 'cooked vinegared rice' to which other items are then added; either fish, meat or (take note colleagues) vegetables.  So yes, sushi is most definitely on the vegan table, as it was on Thursday at Wildebeest vegan restaurant in Falmouth during one of their series of special vegan sushi nights. 

The popularity of this advance bookings only event was evidenced by the lack of spare seats with further confirmation given as each of the five courses were brought out in turn.  

There is no doubt that the lovely people at Wildebeest know their stuff when it comes to food and particularly sushi. Before opening Wildebeest, they ran a vegan sushi company in Brighton and we are delighted that they have abandoned the vegan-centric shores of Brighton for the less vegan saturated shores of Falmouth.

The £18 menu was kicked off with a deliciously umami miso soup complete with moreish morsels of pickled vegetables on the side.  Next up was a sesame tinged seaweed salad topped off with a homemade rice cracker. This went down far too quickly and easily but consolation came in the form of a bowl of beautifully seasoned edamame which occupied our now equally seasoned fingers as we shucked them one by one.  Then came the main event; an eclectic array of deliciously displayed  sushi offerings with not a fish in sight!  The only thing left on my cleaned plate after was the wasabi 'pea' which, after witnessing my 7 month pregnant mate H eat and then almost go into early labour, I decided to give this hot offering a miss!

As if things couldn't get any tastier, the final offering of the five courses was a stunning and delicate looking raw green matcha tea cheesecake.  I meant to take a photograph but by the time I realised I had pretty much destroyed it and was eyeing up the plates of Phil and our friends for any leftovers.

The food was great, the company was brilliant (it's always nice to be surrounded by like minded people) and it's great to not have to keep asking whether something is vegan (although we still have to keep reminding ourselves about this!). All in all, a great evening eating food that you don't normally have the opportunity to enjoy at a restaurant. 

Thanks also to the three lovely vegans who gave up their table to sit instead at the breakfast bar for the comfort of my mate H and her baby bump.

Do get along to Wildebeest and give the sushi night a go (I believe they will be running these on a monthly basis) because as Lee 'Scratch' Perry says "Japanese food, give you good mood"!

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