Monday, 16 June 2014

The Hidden Veggie Gem of Falmouth

When a new veggie place opens up on the high street it is easy to get carried away with the excitement and forget that there are others who've been deliciously feeding our vegan needs for years.

Just off Falmouth's main 'drag', hidden up a quaint lane sits the floral festooned frontage of Pea Souk.  Its compact and bijou interior belies the huge choice of culinary delights created by chef owner Nicola.

I like Nicola.  She has an honest, no nonsense persona which can catch some people off guard merely because the world is so full of bullshit these days they aren't used to anything else. Those who know Nicola will understand what I mean. Instead she reserves the intricacy, mystery, and complex layering for her food which is served up in generous and beautifully presented platefuls.  Even the club sandwiches are worthy of a lunch time drive into town to brighten up the work day.  I wish I could recreate them for my packed lunch every day but mine never quite taste the same.

The food has you feasting with your eyes even before the first mouthful. Once you tuck in, there are tastes I have experienced at Pea Souk that I couldn't even begin to describe or work out. It's a culinary sorcery born of an all encompassing passion and understanding of food that simply cannot be taught.  It has to be a mixture of experience and instinct.  Nicola is Corden Vert trained but  her extensive travelling has more of an influence on her food.  The mischievous glint in her eye tells me that a deep instinct is definitely at play too.  She knows what people like to eat and takes pleasure in seeing them enjoy the benefits of this knowledge.

Enough words now as the only way any of this will make any sense is to go to Pea Souk, sample the menu (a huge amount being vegan) and meet the sorceress for yourself.......and remember to 'spread the vegan love' to all veggie/vegan establishments, particularly those who've been loyal to our vegan needs for years.

Pea Souk, 19C Well Lane, Church Street, Falmouth.  TR11 3EG             01326 317583
Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm - Evenings by advance bookings

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