Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Miles Of Fun

Meet Miles Davis, the newest edition to our family.  He is our new camper van.  Well, he's not new but as new as we could afford and we love him so much already. It's taken long enough to find him (almost two years) but we got there in the end.

Both Phil and I had camper vans in the past before we knew each other and enjoyed the freedom it gave us.  We want to now enjoy that freedom together; both at home and abroad. Our first proper trip out with Miles was this weekend when we headed off into the wild, quiet calm of Dartmoor.  Just us, a great view and some good books and we were in heaven. It was so quiet and relaxing; the only noise being the skylarks hovering above.

Why Miles, I hear you say?  Well, he is super cool, he is 'kind of blue' and hopefully he will give us miles and miles of fun.  

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