Thursday, 16 January 2014

How Lucky Are We?

I never, never forget how lucky we are.  It may be raining and chilly here in winterised Cornwall but life is still good.  

What inspired this moment you may ask?  Well, for a start I went out into the front garden to feed the badger.  That in itself is a wonderful moment to think that we have Britain's biggest remaining wild mammal visiting our garden on a regular basis.  It makes me feel privileged in a way that money would never do.

What made it extra special is hearing the sound of the waves on the beach from our front garden.  That is the icing on the 'living in Cornwall' cake.  Nothing makes me feel at home more than hearing those waves.  They were rolling in long before I arrived and will be long after I'm gone.  Their reliable predictability make me feel comfortable and at home.  

These are the reasons I love living where I do.

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