Friday, 10 January 2014

All Too Much (Even for the Badger)!

The festive season is finally behind us.  Although it is lovely to see family (especially those from far away), it is also kind of nice to return to some kind of normality.  

We had a house full over Christmas and New Year, hence the lack of any recent blog posts.   It was all a squeeze on space and time and certainly a time of excess, where in my panic to make sure everyone had enough to eat and enjoy, I usually made too much food. 

I am proud to say that despite that, nothing went to waste.  The odd bit here and there that was surplus to requirements merely made it out to the front garden where the badger was one of the first to take advantage.  This particular evening I was relying on the rain to break down this rather hard half a loaf of bread but the badger didn't want to wait that long.  It was all his for the taking and, as undignified as it looked, he was going to take it all.

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