Monday, 27 January 2014

Fair Squared Vegan Lip Balm

 Fair Squared Vegan Lip Balm

I do enjoy a good rummage around a charity shop (it's where most of my fashion sense comes from!) and Oxfam are one of my favourites as they have the added bonus of having fairly traded edibles and consumables too. 

It was during one such rummage that I discovered a new vegan lip balm (well new to me anyway). What caught my attention was the fact that it was clearly labelled as vegan on the front of the packet without even the need to scan the normally excruciatingly small ingredients list. What a delight! 

The lip balms, by German company 'Fair Squared', come in four different 'flavours' and use almond oil and apricot kernel oil from Pakistan, coconut oil from India and cocoa butter from Peru; all certified Fairly Traded. I chose Vanilla but there is also the choice of Pomegranate, Spearmint or Citrus and at a reasonable £2.99 a pop, it seems more than fair to me to give my winterised parched lips a fairly traded vegan treat.    They are available from Oxfam stores nationwide as individual flavours or in a 4 pack from Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth and New Internationalist in the UK.

At the moment  the Fair Squared website seems a little scant on details and I am unsure as to whether any of the other products are vegan or not.  However, in a world where most readily available lip balms seem to have non vegan ingredients such as beeswax in them, I am just delighted that this one is now on the high street and very proudly identifies its vegan status.

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