Friday, 8 March 2013

Proud to be Mooning!

Now hear this ladies (and modern gentlemen) - mooning is a good thing to do.  Fact!

I refer to the mooncup.  I've been using one for at least 8 years now and I think that all women should really consider the benefits of using one.  Any men reading this; your lady will love and respect you more for being so sensitive and concerned about her health as to mention this to her.  Don't be shy now. 

I'm not shy of talking about such things because I think it is important to share things that could have such an impact on health and the environment.  I wish somebody had told me about it years and years ago so I make no apologies for shouting it from the rooftops now but I do apologise for not blogging about it as soon as we had a blog.

I used to use tampons;  still do occasionally to be honest (but only Naturecare now).  You see the common brands of tampons use materials that are not free from pesticides, GM materials, bleaches and dioxins.  Not the kind of thing you want to be sticking up there quite frankly .  I used to use those common brands and then, after a smear test, I got 'abnormal cells' (I predict most men are holding their ears at this point and saying 'la, la, la' but hang on in there).  It was all okay in the end but it really made me think about the importance of taking control and thinking about all aspects of what you expose your body to (inside and out).  I instantly changed to Naturecare organic tampons (less toxic) and then continued to investigate further.  That's when I happened upon the mooncup.  I've had no problems since.  Could be coincidence but hey, I'm not really into gambling that much.

This about sums it up perfectly -

It might seem a little weird to use a mooncup for the first time but like anything, it becomes second nature.  Honestly it does.  Very little extra effort is involved and a whole lot of money and environmental cost is saved.  11,000 tampons or pads is what the average women would use in their lifetime.  Where do you think all that gets disposed of?  Landfill or the sea.  Yuck. 
Then of course there is the health issues to take into account.  35% of the moisture  absorbed by tampons is natural moisture.  That moisture is there for a reason!  All you need to get rid of is the surplus not the natural stuff!  The ingredients list of most common brands of tampons makes uncomfortable reading too.  You wouldn't eat it so why stick it up the other end - sorry but let's be frank and honest about it.
Be informed ladies and gentle sensitive loving men.  Be informed.
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