Friday, 22 February 2013


Following the week-long shut-down and occupation of EDF’s West Burton gas-fired power station last October by campaign group 'No Dash for Gas', EDF has launched a civil claim for damages against the group and associated activists for costs the company claims to have incurred – a figure it puts at £5 million.
Should the claim succeed, several of the campaigners face losing their homes, and all could face bankruptcy or be forced to pay a percentage of their salaries to EDF for decades to come. The amount of the claim represents just 0.3% of EDF's annual UK profits, which rose by 7.5% this year to £1.7 billion.
This is the first time an energy company has attempted such a claim, and campaigners say it represents the opening of a new front against peaceful direct action protesters. If successful, it could have a chilling effect on other groups – such as UK Uncut and Greenpeace – who use civil disobedience to challenge social and environmental problems.
Freedom of speech and peaceful protest allows you the right to express how you feel about this to EDF and in support of those people who represented all of us but may lose everything as a result.  Tell them what you think -!/edfenergy
This is David and Goliath and we need to tell them that little David is not happy. 

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  1. Great news - EDF have come to their senses (or more likely realised the impact that little David can have on them) and dropped civil claim.