Wednesday, 13 March 2013


You can tell that the Cornish Spring is just around the corner.  The fields are aglow with golden Cornish daffodils and the air is infused with the distinct smell of cauliflower.  Admittedly the latter isn't always a great smell (I compare it to the smell of slightly damp wetsuit and sadly Phil agrees and hence our bathroom occasionally smells like a cauliflower field), but regardless it does mean that we only have a short time left huddling in front of the open fire in the ongoing effort to dodge the forthright and chilly wind of winter.

Meanwhile what better way of enjoying the great indoors than infusing the whole house with the smell of curry cooking.  That is what is happening this very minute - the curry spice king that is Phil is creating his magic in the kitchen.  No recipe necessary - he just gets out his secret spice box and gets on with it.  I have no idea what is in that box as, like his toolbox, it is a place that is sacrosanct to the very maleness in him.  I never go there and neither do I want to as he is the curry king in our household.  All of know is that the result fills the house and my belly with exotic warmth.

So I say bring on the spring and fill the air with the 'eau de damp wetsuit' but in the meantime, and whilst we wait with anticipation for the warmth and excitement of the fairer months, we will create our own little exotic oasis indoors.  That also includes the sounds (most important whilst cooking) and we recently rediscovered the brilliance of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan so whilst you think about and imagine the smells that infuse our house presently, have a little listen to this -

Mustt, Mustt (Massive Attack Remix) by aspidistra451

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